About TBI

"Brain Injury due to head trauma represents one of the major challenges to the National Health Service. Advances in medical care have improved the mental and physical recovery rates following head injury. However, even with further and much needed improvements in the acute and transitional care provided by the hospital services, the latter cannot address the long term personal, social and employment readjustment difficulties experienced by those who suffer severe head injuries. There is, therefore, a profound and chronic need for community-based social rehabilitation facilities, particularly in the North West of England and the Greater Manchester area.

The Head Forward Centre continues to provide a social environment where attendees can make friends, receive counselling, discuss issues of personal concern and readjust themselves socially at their own pace. A unique feature of the Head Forward Centre is that the staff, volunteers, trustees and members of the management committee all have either personal involvement in caring for a seriously head-injured relative, or are professionals with particular expertise or experience in the welfare and rehabilitation of patients with brain injury."

David Neary MD FRCP, Professor of Neuroscience, Greater Manchester Neuroscience Centre.