Families information

Although traumatic brain injury is a major crisis for the individual victim, there is also a ´ripple effect´on the physical and psychological wellbeing of their family members. At the same time that the TBI survivors need to re-learn how to deal with the environment, the family members need to learn how to deal with them.

Changes in the Family:

The structure of the family changes. The roles the TBI survivor had in the family need to be absorbed by other members and at the same time the family members need to develop a new ´caring´ role. This context is a big change and, consequently, can be stressful. Don´t be afraid of asking for help from other family members, friends and/or professional services. At Head Forward Centre we can give you practical advise.

In the chronic phase usually the family have developed their own routines and adjustments, having some kind of functional stability. This doesn't mean there are not problems at all, but strategies to deal with those problems have been developed with relative success. However, sometimes this stability is accompanied by isolation and boredom. At Head Forward Centre we can help you to ´fill your week´, with enjoyable, purposeful, social and safe activities.

Keeping your TBI relative socially active is crucial for both theirs and your wellbeing. The more your relative stays connected and engages in social activities, the better will be their quality of life. Also, they will keep developing new strategies to better face the challenges of social life. An active social life is a protective factor for many other issues that your relative can develop in time. At Head Forward Centre we have found that we can pursue this objectives with enjoyment and happiness. 

Legal services and advise:

In the past 15 years there has been a big increase in the number of solicitors dealing with ‘personal injury’ claims. When it comes to seeking compensation for head injury it is always advisable to choose a firm of solicitors with a proven record of experience in this specialist field. In head injury litigation it is vital to understand that ‘quick-fix’ settlements are not the answer because unexpected disabilities may only become apparent 2-3 years after the initial injury. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek informed advice because the consequences of TBI often linger for a life-time. At Head Forward Centre we can give you advise about what things you should have in mind when looking at these services.